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Giving your mind and body the love they deserve

Hi!  My name is Prado León & my goal is to help you to gain the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to consciously take responsibility for your own health, maximise your personal well-being and your overall health. I will be the guidance and support that you need to become the best version of yourself.
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  • You would like to get pregnant or you are already pregnant and you would like to improve your overall health.

  • You are having troubles conceiving and you need help.

  • You would like to learn a Natural Family Planning Method.

  • Your cycles are all over the place and all you get offered to fix them  is the Pill.

  • You suffer from heavy and painful periods, PMS, PCOS or any other menstrual issues.

  • You would like your skin, hair and nails to look healthier & stronger.

  • You often feel tired or your energy levels are low.

  • You struggle to lose weight and are tired of dieting.

  • You suffer with migraines, digestive problems, nasal congestion and / or frequent colds.

  • You feel stressed and you don't know how to handle the pressures of everyday life.​

  • You have been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and are strugging to cope with the symptoms.

  • You have an unhealthy relationship with food. You go from"eating clean” to binging on “bad” foods and feeling guilty.

  • You need to improve your immune system and overall health.

  • You don’t know how to eat healthily or what to cook and would like some guidance.

  • You would like to improve your family’s health.

Tell me more about what’s getting in the way of you living a happier and healthier life.

No fees, no commitment!


Hi! I am Prado León. I am a Registered General Nurse, a Certified IIN Holistic Health Coach and a Creighton Model Practitioner.

 I have more than 13 years of nursing experience and I completed my Health Coaching studies in 2019.

I am originally from Spain but I lived in the UK for 8 years, where I had the opportunity to specialise in Sexual and Reproductive Health and work for the NHS and the private sector. I also provided Health Coaching services for private UK clients.

I love making a positive impact on the lives of my patients. It only happened a few years ago that I realised I was treating my patients' symptoms as opposed to looking at the root problem of their chronic illness.

Instead of pushing medications, I wanted to support patients with behavioural changes that, when sustained over time, could allow them to enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle.

I truly believe that wellness isn't only about physical health but psychological, emotional, spiritual, and social health as well.

After experiencing fertility issues myself and finally achieving pregnancy thanks to Naprotechnology & the Creighton Model System , I decided to broaden my fertility knowledge and train as a Fertility Care Practitioner so I could help couples with fertility issues to identify their underlying cause of infertility as well as help women to monitor, maintain and improve their fertility.

The Creighton model system can also be used as a method to achieve or avoid pregnancy.


You can check my credentials issued by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) here

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